"By The Dashboard Light" - pre-production Vernon Trout Joe Ronca
"Shohet for Loyalty" Jacob Rothstein Andrew Schipper, Dir.
"Reflection" Andrew (Dad) Mo Zhang, Dir.
"Lowenstein, The Terrorist" Supporting - Dad Eric Siegelstein, Dir.
"Remembrance" Detective Tarzinski Alejandro Manzon, Dir.
"Happy Birthday" Dr. Holiday Jonathan Zelenak, Dir.
"The Evaluation" Bill Englewood Louis Affortunato
"The Inn" Innkeeper Phillipp Schwarz, Dir.
"New Beginnings- Hard To Let Go" Mitch Hornstein Patricia Medlin, Dir.
"The Crucible" Reverend Parris Mario Martone, Dir.
"The Odd Couple" Speed Mario Martone, Dir.
"A Very Jaggered X-Mas" Priest Jagger Kaye, Dir.
"I Hate Hamlet" Gary Lefkowitz Mario Martone, Dir.
"No Class" - Comedic Showcase Roles:Boss; Father; Loser; Poet; Actor; Crazed Sportsfan Jagger Jaye, Dir.
"Duder"- Internet TV Pilot Homeless Man Matt Kirsch, Dir.
Special Skills
Running, Weight Training, Folk Guitar, NewYork and Southern accents; Nurturing parent

Private Coaching                                          Maggie Reed        

Comedic Acting- With Show                          Jagger Kaye                      

Scene Study- the Art of Storytelling               Jagger Kaye 

Private Coaching                                          Donna Marrazzo 

Meisner Technique                                       Louise Lasser            

On Camera Technique                                 Jagger Kaye, Joyce Storey

On Camera Technique                                  Dani Super (TVI)

Scene Study                                               Valerie Kingston (TVI)

Intro to Acting/Impov                                    Angel David (TVI)